Life is all about transformation and figuring out who we are vs who we want to be. Are you in a season where life has thrown you a curveball or two and you feel like you have to rebuild your life or reinvent yourself yet again?

We all go through it. Some of us are able to make real and lasting changes that allow us to move through the ripples of life while others have to kind of burn down their lives and rebuild.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Empty nest?
Job change?
Relationship loss?
Just really dissatisfied with your life and tired of surviving instead of thriving?

  • I’ve been there. I was widowed in 2010.
    Major rebuild.
  • I remarried in 2014 and then lost most of my vision that same year.
    Are you kidding me? I have to start from square one again?
  • In 2017, I got the news that diabetes (the same disease that killed my first husband) was doing its best to destroy my life and then kill me.
  • Okay. That was it. I was done with patchwork fixes that didn’t effect any real differences in my life.

Time to make some real and lasting changes so that I could build a beautiful life.